30 Minute Meals

One Pan Steak Tip, Potato, & Veggie Meal


Gosh, this has got to be one of my quickest, non-thought, flavorful & filling meals. Totally unplanned! But sometimes things that require the least thought, has the best outcome. This dish would certainly be it! Sooooo….initially the thought crossed my mind to do this as an easy crockpot dish. Complete fail! Hubby worked effortlessly this particular day & pretty much had a long late evening. When he arrived home, he indicated that he was in “starvation” mode! Tragic! At this point, I knew I had to come up with something fairly quickly that was filling, healthy, & didn’t require a lot of leg work or cook time. So I decided to throw everything in this dish & make it an “all in 1 deal”. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember that! Luckily, this dish was a success & hubby was pleased with the results. And not to mention the aroma from the veggies, potatoes, onions, & bell peppers. The trick is to cover this dish before you place in the oven. This is going to make all the world of difference! Trust me on this! No water added, no broth. Just pure savory from your ingredients! This meal took all of 30 minutes! How great is that? Total win!! Therefore, let the preparation begin.


Steak tips (2 pkgs)

1 bag of baby red potatoes (sliced)

1 small/medium sized green bell pepper

1/2 of a large yellow onion



Jane’s krazy mixed up salt

Coarse black pepper


note: season to taste and to season of choice


Wash your steak tips, cut up your onions, bell peppers, & potatoes, apply all above seasonings, & place into cooking dish. Massage seasonings generously over all ingredients. Place in oven & cover with foil or top. Allow cook time. Enjoy!

Cook Time:

30 minutes (pre-heat oven to 375 degrees)




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