This is where it all began. Trusting God & having faith in his word. Faith that everything would happen when it was supposed to happen. This year I made a vow to God & to myself that moving forward, I would completely utilize FAITH. After all, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 You may not see it, you have faith, you trust that it will happen, & you know that it will come to past. I always felt that writing was my purpose. I adore writing in every aspect. It takes me to a place of confession, thoughts, communication, & it’s pure therapeutic! Sometimes I can be in a place & words are just rambling around in my head. Thoughts of new ideas, words, pictures, visions, & new goals to acquire. When I have moments such as these, I journal so that I won’t loose any of my thoughts. Needless to say, I ALWAYS keep a journal handy!

It wasn’t until years later that I started praying effortlessly for my purpose to be revealed. I knew what I was good at, which was business. After all, that’s what I pretty much studied in school. I currently work in education in the corporate world as a profession. At the time, I wasn’t working in education but I had a nice job. Yet, somehow I still wasn’t satisfied. I knew within my gut that it wasn’t my purpose. I continued praying, in order to get results. That’s the key! Faith is believing in what you’re praying for, although you may not see it.

One night as I laid down to sleep I had this dream. More like a vision. God showed me my purpose. It was simple, but straight forward. He showed me the sky, & within the sky was this huge big beautiful cloud. Within the cloud was a picture of a hand with an old ink pen held in a writing position! At that moment I received confirmation & peace! I was overjoyed. Why? It was my passion, my gift, & my purpose. Not only that, I trusted God. I had faith that one day it would eventually happen as I envisioned. Faith led me here to start blogging.  I had faith & I stepped out on it. That’s the beautiful thing, faith allows you to get out of your comfort zone. You have to activate it! Faith without works are dead. James 2:17

Now, I said all of that to say this. Maybe there’s something you’re struggling with, and/or want to accomplish & you feel as though it’s not going to happen or it will NOT happen. Simply have faith! I encourage you to trust God, trust yourself, pray, read your Bible, & step out on faith! If it’s his will, it’s going to happen. Do your part & allow him to do his. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Matthew 17:20  So let him move for you!