15 Minute Meals Wraps

Easy Flatbread Turkey Wrap

On days that I feel like doing ABSOLUTELY nothing, what you see is what you get. Turkey filled flatbread wraps! Or, use whatever meat/protein of choice. Spinach wraps are wonderful as well. These wraps are a staple item in my home! Why? They’re quick, easy, healthy, & hands on! I have a very picky 13 year old, but she adores these wraps. It makes her feel as though she has full control of her own inner condiments. She loves it! So, I gladly allow her to cater it to her own taste! Wraps are another perfect flexible/versatile food choice. They’re also fantastic meal prep ideas! You can pretty much place anything into them as an “add on” idea. And did I mention these are pretty filling? Yes! So pack them with veggies of choice, & enjoy! Once again, eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated! Just one step at a time! Stop overthinking! Also, the below ingredients are my ingredients of choice. As always, feel free to substitute, add, or remove any condiments to cater to your own personal taste! It’s all about enjoying an easy breezy healthy dish! Amen?? Amen. Now, let’s get into what I used.


Light whole wheat flat bread wraps (spinach wraps are great another option)

Sara Lee turkey (sliced from the deli)

Purple cabbage



Green bell peppers




Pink Himalayan salt optional (to taste)

Coarse black pepper optional (to taste)


15 minutes- Take your wrap of choice & spread on your mayo/mustard. Place your turkey/veggies inside, & wrap & roll!! Enjoy!!




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