Life Happens!

Today I wanted to just write. No recipe posts, fashion, just thoughts. I haven’t cleared my brain in a bit, so what better way to share than with my readers? Writing has ALWAYS been an expression for me. Communication. At times, I would prefer not to speak, but rather write.  I’m just keeping it real! Writing has always given me a visual perspective. For instance, I haven’t a clue of what the title of this blog will be, but hopefully near the end it will come to me. It was one of those “inspired moments.”

Well, well, it’s been a couple of months. So I will rewind a bit. I’ve had NUMEROUS amounts of challenges to face & numerous would probably be an understatement. From dealing with personal attacks on my family, health, job, car, etc. Enough to make a person want to just give up. All of these things happened at once, might I add. It wasn’t like I received a month break in between time, it was all gas with NO brakes!! When things like this happens, you begin to question yourself. I did. Then I began to ask God why was all of these things happening to me? And certainly all at once? I felt as if I didn’t deserve them. But who are we to question our tests that we experience down on this earth? So I began to analyze things differently. Things could’ve been much worse.

So, I started to read my Bible more, pray more, & simply do it with selflessness. Not as a project that I had to complete. I began to pray for others more, for their situations, our country, leaders, our children, for those who have wronged myself/others, and much more. I started to see change, I immediately felt results. My problems slowly started NOT to feel as big. I thanked God for my tests, because from tests comes triumph. I simply started thanking him. Ummm …doing what now? Thanking him! Thanking him for this dry season, knowing that “this too shall pass.” No more anxiousness or anxiety over things that I have no control over. God has all control. I take each day one day at a time, with one front in front of the other. I know if things don’t go as planned, God has other plans. That’s the thing. It all goes back to his will & what he sees fit for your life. Can you handle it? Can you deal with adversities without having a meltdown? Yeah, I’ve been there too. Life is so much easier when we follow his instructions, and not that of our own. Even so, you have so much peace. Peace in knowing that God has your back. Rest in him!

I start each day with a simple prayer, thanking him, and asking him what it is that HE wants me to do. He listens, & there’s an answer. Sometimes it’s the simplest factor with the greatest impact! If life happens, it happens. God is the creator of life, he holds the piece to the puzzle. If your’e experiencing a storm, know that the sun will soon come. He’s preparing you for something grand. How do I know? I trust him & he has NEVER failed me. I’ve failed him, but he was always there to pick me back up.  He’s faithful like that!  As I conclude, remember this. Allow life to happen, it happens. Allow yourself to worry less, & trust God more. He’s like an attorney that’s been assigned to your case. Let him speak for you, fight for you, carry you, & defend you. And guess what? He ALWAYS wins!! How cool is that?? So breathe! Group Hug



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