My Story

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I love the Lord, writing, food, and my family! I started writing when I was a young girl. It was always a passion of mine. It was my 1st love! Writing was a way for me to express myself/my feelings to others. Blogging/writing is pure therapeutic for me! I can sit, think, & write for hours and hours at a time.  As I became older, I began to see things differently. I matured, & my life changed. Christ has always been my spiritual guide. Although writing had been my 1st love & passion, food always inspired me as well. After all, I have some amazing parents & cooking pretty much comes naturally for our family. We all tend to have different methods, but our goals are the same. Maintaining a healthy balance & lifestyle. I’ve always been a petite young lady, but I credit 1/2 of it to genetics! My mother is petite and looks half her age! Oh yes!! Now, the other half credit would go to eating properly & staying active!

Fast forward…. My love & passion for food started years ago, but as I became older I became more intrigued! I’ve always been cautious of what I ate & I’ve always adored eating tons of fruits/vegetables! This eventually led me wanting to learn more regarding foods! Needless to say, I became obsessed with learning about foods. How foods made you feel, look, their health benefits, how they taste, & how to prepare them! I can literally read & watch videos regarding food all day! I love seeing beautiful, vibrant, & healthy dishes! Writing & food simply came together for me like the piece of a puzzle. I simply want to share my love for Christ, writing, & food to the world! Isn’t that what life is all about? Doing what you love, what you’re passionate about, your purpose, & sharing with others!