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God Still Answers Prayers

Have you ever been to the point in your life when you felt as if your life or situation was in a “stand still” mode? Almost like a state of paralyzation. I believe we all can relate to this in certain avenues of our lives. Well, I certainly can, and  I still do at times. Over the last few days, my mind has been cluttered. I just needed the words. It felt as if someone was dangling something in front of me, but I couldn’t grasp it. Over the past few days, I’ve been blogging about some of my favorite items/foods, and their benefits, but not an actual blog.(kinda sorta) Why? That my readers, is the million dollar question!! Soooo……..let’s dig in!

Well, I finally came to terms and asked myself why I couldn’t articulate my thoughts into words. Which was very frustrating, to say the least! Whew! Talk about writers block. I journal daily, but I’ve never had the problem of writing all of the words that flow through my brain. Sometimes my words may hit me during the day while working, sometimes I may be eating lunch, and/or dinner, other times, it can be a simple statement or word made by someone that  will trigger my words into actions. drum rolls Today, was THAT day! I got quiet, tuned out the clutter, and went into my “secret place” from within. I visually wrote a letter to God, and he replied!! God whispered these 4 simple, assuring, yet POWERFUL words…. “I STILL ANSWER PRAYERS!” So, these 4 words led to this blog!

God said to write about the “power of prayer”. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

He said “Sondra, let your readers know that I still answer prayers.”I’m the same God back in the Bible days, yesterday, and forever. No matter what your problem, current situation or circumstance may be, he already knows about it. The thing is, we’re living in a world where everything is so fast paced. Everything is so accessible and at our fingertips, but yet we are so out of tuned. He wants us to communicate with him. Let him in on our darkest secrets, fears, desires, hopes, and dreams. He wants to help us. Trust him! Prayer is such a powerful tool. It’s like a private backdoor that no one knows about but you.

We’ve lost that 1 on 1 communication with God. Just like a marriage, if you stop communicating with your spouse, you fail to know what’s going on with them and in their lives. Eventually, it causes separation because you feel as though you’ve lost that connection and you no longer know that person. It’s still your spouse, but you’re complete strangers. Prayer changes things. It changes our environments,situations, hearts, and minds, but we have to take the time to talk to him and allow him to answer! He hears us, and he’s waiting! Allow him time to reply. Stop taking matters into your own hands.He’s working on your behalf.

So, hear this……..Fall in love with Jesus again. Get into his presence, stay in a committed relationship with him, go into your secret places, and let him work it out! Why???? Ha! I’m glad you asked. Because he hears you, he loves you, he’s so crazy faithful, and HE STILL ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!





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