My Health Story

Today, I wanted to share my personal story with all of my followers/non-followers. It’s been a journey. A wonderful journey, but it hasn’t always been that way. So let me start from the beginning. Who is Simply Sondra K? I’m just a simple young lady. A mother of 4 and a GIGI of 3 beautiful grands! If you want to learn more of how my writing began, check out my post entitled “my story”. I love Jesus, he’s my everything! When you love something or someone so much, you want to share it with the world. Right? That’s how I feel about Jesus, writing, and health. Back in my more youthful days, I always had a fascination with food. It just amazed me of how different foods looked, smelled, tasted, colors, the textures, and the impact of what it can do to your body. I wanted to be a Nutritionist. Yep! But ya girl ended up going a different route. Shout out to Business/English majors! lol. Stay tuned though. I’m working on something very exciting. A few things I will share at a later time.

People always assume when you’re small in size, you’re healthy. Boy is that incorrect. I have always been small in size, fairly healthy, but I suffered from migraines severely! Like to the point where I had to get an MRI (which came out normal thank goodness), nausea, and vomiting. I also suffered from chronic acid reflux, sinuses, fatigue, and high blood pressure. All in which I had to be placed on medication. I didn’t like it. Not one bit. I didn’t like the fact that I had to be dependent upon medication to control these ailments. This was my life. I contacted my PCP to discuss other options. Which worked in my favor. (Side note: this is what worked for me, always speak with your doctor to discuss alternatives for yourself) Needless to say the 1st question my PCP asked was “what my diet looked like?” “what I ate/drank?”. “Did I exercise?” It didn’t take long for me to figure it out. From that point I began eliminating certain foods. It was hard. Very hard. Within a month, I started to see change. A big change. Changes in how my skin looked, my energy went up, my headaches left, my sinuses got better, my bp began to level, and I haven’t taken my acid reflux meds in almost 6 years. I still take a small dosage of bp meds because its hereditary, however I still noticed a huge difference when my diet changed. I even slept better. It was miraculous.

Fast forward to now. I began researching foods and how they impacted your body. I started incorporating those foods into my diet. Smoothies were highly recommended. This started my smoothie journey, along with food. This is why I post and share. I want everyone to experience what I have. It’s not too late. It starts with your choices. You have to change your mindset of how you were conditioned previously, what your parents ate, what your grandparents ate, etc.. What you can’t do without. Listen! You can do without it. It’s a whole new world ( in my Alladin voice). I can speak from experience of how changing my diet and eliminating certain foods changed my life for the better! It’s all about moderation. Start small. Try incorporating more vegetarian/plant based foods into your diet. Exercise. Take vitamins. Daily.

To end this blog, I posted the above picture of the new Sondra ..aka Simply Sondra K. I drank smoothies/fresh juices all week. I’ve gotten so many compliments lately on my skin, hair, and glow. Well, that’s my secret. Food. Drink a smoothie a day. Juice a day. Switch it up. I do both. Eat more green foods. Drink more water. Exercise more. Watch your life change! This is a picture of what eating well looks like. Along with good genes, and serving Jesus! lol. I hope this blog encourages and inspires you to make healthy changes as well. Until next time!



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