21 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Living for Jesus!! I adore him, & I’m absolutely nothing without him. Living for him is an honor.
  2. Family/Real Friends
  3. Writing (I love writing. Sometimes I lay in bed & just envision my next blog! It’s my way of communicating)
  4. Fashion ( I love clothing, coordinating outfits,shoes, hand bags, experimenting with colors, & beautiful items!)
  5. Shopping (duh!LOL! But I love finding great deals on things I love)
  6. Giving ( Blessing others, blesses me)
  7. Coffee ( Still a work in progress, but I’ve switched to decaf & 1 cup a day. ha!)
  8. Healthy Eating!! (Anything healthy grabs my attention)
  9. Recipes/Cooking (I’m not a chef, but I  love cooking healthy dishes with ingredients that I love and are good for your body)
  10.  A “Me Day” (taking a day to do whatever it is I want, or doing absolutely nothing!!) yay!!!
  11.  Working ( I love what I do & helping others get their businesses going)
  12. Being to myself (less drama)
  13. Decorating (I love designing & visualizing )
  14. Reading (Is my therapy & I get a rush on educating myself, educating others, & sharing)
  15. Short Hair/Color ( It  expresses who I am as an individual & it rocks!!) Blondes have more fun!
  16. Traveling ( I love seeing different ways of living,different scenery’s, atmospheres, & Gods creation)
  17. Red lipstick
  18. Tattoos in moderation (to me, its an  expression)
  19. Large Handbags ( I’m petite, but I adore a large fab bag!!)
  20. Warm Weather/Being Outdoors ( It helps me to relax & takes me to my happy place)
  21. Simplicity ( A little can speak ALOT!, and sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest statement!)

What are things that make you happy? Drop me a comment. I would love to know!



4 comments on “21 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I like 1,2, 6, 20, 21. Keep your expression and thoughts coming.

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  2. Tea. You know I love my tea. 😉 Books. And I need a room of my own, but I’m afraid I’m not going to get that at home for a long while! 🙂

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    • Great Jennifer! You know tea & coffee are our happy places! lol. And I can totally relate to the “your own room thing.” For us, wishful thinking… ha!


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