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Go For It!!


Wow, where do I even begin? Have you ever been in a point in

your life where you have all of these ideas, emotions, thoughts,

concerns, doubts, decisions, fears, & excitement all at once?

Well, that’s me. And to be completely honest, I feel this way

quite often. You might ask, well what did you do or what do

you do? Ha! I’m still trying to figure that one out. But until then,

this is what I do first: Pray! Yes, Pray! That’s a place where you

can just be yourself, & no one can critique you. It’s just you,

your thoughts, conversations, concerns, & God. A place of pure

serenity. But here’s the catch, you may or may not get the

answer you want, but it’ll be what you need. Now,

let’s rewind back several years. I’ve ALWAYS had a

love/passion for writing, & healthy eating/living & wanted to

share, but never could make the two fit into my lifestyle. I

knew I was pretty good at writing, but sharing healthy ways of

eating/living was questionable, just because I know I’m not a

certified Nutritionist or have a bunch of degrees. However, I do

know what works best for me. Back then, it was kind of hard

trying to blog or make videos. It wasn’t as poplar as it is now.

Smart phones/gadgets weren’t as smart. That was roughly

about 15 years ago or more. Fast forward to today, I’m still

afraid. Afraid of failing, afraid of what people will think, say,

and/or judge. But you know what? People will never be

completely satisfied with all that you do, so why not do what

YOU want to for once in your life? For me, its write!! Since

then, I’ve become a Mother & a Wife! Yikes! But now my

children are all grown, with the exception of 1 (I have 4) & I’m

ready to start this journey of writing, blogging, & vlogging & I

would love to take you guys along with me. Ok, so #2. You

thought I forgot huh? Figure out what it is you’re really good at.

What you are passionate about. What makes you happy, even

if you’re not getting a pay check. Although, it would be nice to

do what you love to do & get paid! Lets just be real, who

couldn’t really use an addition to your bank account? #3 write

down your ideas. I love to journal & it gives me a perspective of

what it is I want, what I jot down the most, & if it’s something

I’m consistent at doing & will want to do. Also, it helps me to be

visual of the goals I plan to accomplish. I don’t always have the

answers, & I don’t think that anyone always does, but I’ve

learned what it is I love to do, am passionate about , & I want to

help share, encourage, enlighten, & uplift you in ways that will

inspire you to follow & go after your dreams.

So, until then, follow me & we can take this leap of faith




4 comments on “Go For It!!

  1. Very interesting. Same thoughts.


  2. Patricia Peete

    Go for it,,,sounds good to me.!,,,


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