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Where are you?

So, needless to say that I’ve been out of touch for a moment with this crazy thing called “life/balance.” Anyone familiar with this? Ummm yeah! I have totally and completely been off track spiritually, with my blogging, eating, exercising, planning, and organization. Doozy huh? And if I can just be real, it doesn’t/didn’t feel too great! You don’t feel like yourself when things are just all over the place and cluttered. At least not in my book. I just couldn’t seem to get it together. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong this past month, ABSOLUTELY has, and with no brakes! What happened? What did I do? And Why?…..I’m glad you asked! Now, we’re starting to get somewhere.

I slacked up! No, ..ummmm let me rephrase that, “I stopped” communicating with God first. Huh? Yes, you read right! I stopped. I got too busy and had too many problems going on. How crazy is that??!! And to put the icing on the cake, I was almost tempted to question God why, but I came back to reality fairly quickly! I had to reevaluate myself. So I had a moment when he simply said, “you’re making all of these plans, but you lost sight of me.” That was a real slap! Who me? Yep, you! You’re not praying as you should, spending time with me, reading your bible, worshiping me, but you want things to happen for you. It’s no longer MY will, but it became YOUR will. As soon as you come to your senses (in other words), then I can begin to help you. Sound familiar to anyone? Not too great of a feeling to hear this from “The Man.”

It took me a moment to absorb this. I began to do a self-check. Where are you? I asked myself. Are you surrendering to him, or just to what YOU want? All gifts, talents, things, and life comes from him. Just as he gives them to you, he can easily place them on hold, or take them away. For  those of you who have had things held from you, you know it’s not something you want. It’s just like having a credit card with a huge limit, but you can’t access it until you can pay down your balance or become more responsible with it due to you not making wise choices. Oh yeah, been there to!

Where are you? I asked myself again. I was in an unfamiliar, yet familiar place. I stopped what I was doing and I asked God to forgive me. Forgive me for being so selfish, for taking things so lightly, and for not asking him first. I began to pray and read my Bible. I didn’t even have any particular place to start, but I asked God to give me what to read in that moment. I opened my Bible, and it immediately took me to the book of Job. A man who trusted God, served him, was upright, and shunned evil. When things started to go wrong, he yet trusted and believed God. Others wanted him to curse God, but he  refused. As the story  goes on, tests became greater, and Job started to buckle. He came to a point when he asked God why would he allow these things to happen when he was one of the faithful ones. Other words, who had his back, when others wanted him to turn against him. Boy! This had gotten good! So God pretty much allowed him to vent, and he eventually spoke to Job in response. He basically told him it was he who had the power to do and to release anything he wanted. To break it down, God was saying “he was the man” and not him. Nor I! umm… yeah, I was getting the picture. And really fast!

To come to conclusion, Job repented and got back in place. God released blessings upon him and his family. Double! You know why?  He allowed these tests to prove a point. Will you or would you still serve me, trust me, worship me, have faith in me, and depend on me when things are going good, and when things are going horribly wrong? Where are you? I trust him. I need him. Allow him to finish the story. He already knows how it’s going to end. Don’t go before him. Let him lead. You follow. He’s working things out. Even if you can’t see it, trust that he knows best. Have patience and wait on him! You’ll be glad you did. I’m waiting. Now, where are you?



2 comments on “Where are you?

  1. Your visits to my blog haven’t gone unnoticed, Sondra, and I appreciate them. Couldn’t resist popping over here today to read your post. Priorities are strange, aren’t they? We so often let our lives drift out of alignment and it can take a while to discover what’s wrong. God always has our best interest in mind but it’s easy to forget when things don’t seem to be going well. One of my favourite verses is Jeremiah 29:11. 🙂


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