Why I Shaved My Hair 2


I decided to write this blog in honor of it being breast cancer awareness month. I haven’t experienced this horrible disease personally, but I’ve known lots of loved ones that has beat this disease , some who are currently going through the battle, & those who have lost the fight. When I 1st decided to shave my head, I blogged the reason behind it. If you wanna check out that blog, it was posted back in Feb. of this year. I had numerous of details explaining why I personally decided to do so. I think the main reasons for me represented “change” “freedom”, “liberation”, “choice”, & simply because I wanted to! I was tired of being just defined. Not to mention time, convenience, & money. Short hair to me, represented me. Did I love my long hair? Yes. Am I asking you to cut or shave your hair? No. So many times we as women feel as though our hair represents us as a woman, & it does not. Hair is outer, but your heart/soul in my opinion is what defines you. Your intentions. Christ! We as humans can pass so much judgement on peoples outward appearances at times, that I think we loose focus on what really matters. I basically wrote this blog as encouragement for those women who think because they have little hair or no hair, they’re not beautiful or less of a woman. It’s quite the opposite. You are stronger than you look/think. It pulls from a place of strength/power. The power to trust in God & the will power to beat this disease or whatever you may be struggling with. You’re simply beautiful with or without hair. You’re a woman & wonderfully made! God made you, & you are his creation! So don’t be ashamed if you have no hair! Whether it’s by choice, and/or if cancer/chemo has taken your hair. You are NOT your hair! Hair is made to grow, cut, & replace if need be. My thoughts & prayers are with everyone who is battling this disease, or struggling from within. Beauty is skin deep. I proudly rock my shaved head! Why? Simply because I love it & it was a choice that I decided to make. Remember, you’re beautiful! So let no one or nothing stop you from being you, or stop you from where you’re trying to go!



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