Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Hello there! I wanted to do a quick share on my blog today! As you can tell from the pic it’s a space saver. If you’re anything like me, I don’t care for a lot of clutter when it comes to my countertop space. With that being said, I’m always on the lookout for something small, yet functional. So I ran across this mini waffle maker. Now, I know what you’re thinking…. “This little thing?” Yep!  It’s small in size, however it’s big in delivery. It also comes in a wide range of colors. The “Dash” brand also offers a huge selection of other kitchen gadgets. I’m all for making my life simpler when it comes to cooking, space, & time. And you must admit,” how cute is this waffle maker?” This little gadget makes the perfect waffle. It’s non-stick, it’s easy, functional, cooks quickly, & it’s a HUGE space saver! On top of that, its an easy way to include your kids in the kitchen. My granddaughter loves it! I even let her whip up the batter & pour it on the maker. ( she’s 5 years old might I add) This little cutie cooks within a few moments! The light indicator on top will let you know when your waffle is ready.

Pair it with some fresh fruit on the side, or with some whip cream on top! Hey, it’s your waffle, your way! Make however many you choose! I’m not a big breakfast person, so this is the perfect breakfast portion for me. Pick it up at your local Target. The price is even better! It’s $9.99! You read correctly! $9.99.. I would get it while supplies last. These little babies sell out quickly! For your convenience, I’ve included the link. Until next time! Happy shopping! Sharing is caring!



2 comments on “Dash Mini Waffle Maker

  1. I have a Mini Waffle Maker too. I love it!!!

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