Besides posting smoothies and recipes, I’m an advocate for “self care.” This includes wellness, taking walks/jogs, therapy, yoga, or whatever self care means to you. Self care is not selfish. It means taking care of YOUR well being in order to become a better you. I decided to post once again my vitamin regimen. Why? I’ll get into it. I don’t think I can put into words the importance of being consistent with taking vitamins. I’m very passionate about health. People ask me on a daily basis what I do, what I use, and/or my age because I seem to look so youthful. God forbid I tell them I’m a Gammy! Once thing I’ve learned with this health journey is consistency. I CANNOT stress it enough. I don’t enjoy looking bad and I surely don’t enjoy feeling bad. Therefore, I make a conscious decision to take care of me!

Being transparent is crucial. I don’t recommend what I haven’t tried or what I know doesn’t work. Vitamins work! For years I’ve always taken vegan vitamins. You may ask what vegan vitamins are. This basically means that they are created with real food. Ingredients that are indentifiable. They don’t contain fillers, they’re used with the highest quality ingredients, and are absorbable. Your body is receiving a COMPLETE vitamin and not partial. I recently changed my brand, not saying the current wasn’t working. But I love to support black owned businesses and those whom I trust and value their products. I research a ton. I also consider the character/authenticity of the brand/seller. Not just someone trying to make a sell. With that being said, I decided on “ANSER” vitamins. For those of you who are not familiar with this brand, celebrity actress Tia Mowry is behind them.

Tia Mowry struggled for years from health problems that caused debilitating symptoms, that included pelvic pain, cramping, and infertility. She decided to do a complete diet overhaul, swapping out inflammatory foods like dairy, processed foods, and some of her favorite junk foods with healthy greens, fresh fruits, high- quality proteins, and supplements. Now, this is the reason I chose her brand. I faithfully take vitamins EVERYDAY, along with making healthy food choices. It’s all about balance. You must be consistent in order to see results. Can this be a hassle? Sometimes yes! There are days when I simply don’t feel like taking all of my vitamins. But I quickly remember the importance of taking them and how vital it is for the overall function of my body. Moving forward, keep in mind that self care isn’t selfish! Let’s do better with what we put into our bodies. Take your vitamins, exercise, and be well. Change your mindset and live the life that God has designed for you. To prosper and be in good health. 3 John 1:2. I’ve listed below the Anser vitamins that I currently take on a daily basis. I purchased all of these on Amazon, however, you can also purchase them directly from the Anser website.

  1. Women’s Multivitamin
  2. Vitamin D Gummies
  3. Immunity Boost (17 immune boosters & supports respiratory health)
  4. Digestive Comfort (optional but I love taking these because it helps with food absorption & digestion)
  5. Beauty Formula ( helps with hair, skin, & nail support )
  6. Elderberry
  7. Healthy Mood (combats effects of stress, supports emotional well being, & naturally fight fatigue.)

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