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Sauteed’ Buttered Chicken Tenders

This dish was actually inspired by my son. Yes! He has inherited my cooking gene. When I started cooking this meal, he instructed me to add butter to it. My first comment was “no way!” He then said Mom, it will be great & it will be so much more juicier/tender & flavorful. Boy was he right! {click media pic & enjoy the sound} Oh yes! These breast tenders will make you slap somebody! So as I continued to let this marinate in the skillet, he added butter as it cooked. It has this beautiful light golden color. And when I say the taste is everything, it’s an understatement! So all credits go to my son with this dish! Needless to say, it has become a staple in our home now  when frying this strips. I normally don’t fry, but when do, I go for the healthiest route. I fried these in coconut oil, & batter free. These strips take 10-15 minutes to cook. Like I always say, I’m all about simple, quick, easy, healthy, & tasty. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, & flavorful dish, I highly recommend this recipe! You will NOT be disappointed. The ingredients are quite simple. If you have specific seasonings of choice, then all means, cater to your liking.


Coconut oil


Pink himalayan salt

Coarse black pepper


10-15 minutes. Add oil of choice (I recommend coconut or extra virgin olive oil) to skillet.  Once you’ve washed & seasoned your chicken, place them into your oiled skilled & cook on low/medium heat. Flip your chicken throughout cooking & add your butter to your dish until your frying is completed. Enjoy!



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