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Meatless Nachos

Meatless nachos are another one of my favorite quick, easy, flavorful, & healthy dishes to make. You’d never suspect that meat wasn’t involved. These actually tastes better in my opinion. This is one recipe that will keep you full & satisfied. Meatless nachos are a favorite in my household. And what’s better than a guilt free indulgence? Nachos!! Lemme tell ya, you may NEVER want to go back to your normal nachos! This recipe takes all of 15 -20 minutes prep/cook time.

Thanks again for all that requested this recipe! This was another favorite dish!


1 bag of meatless crumbles ( I use Gardein or Morning Star)

Fresh cilantro, organic spring mix, freshly chopped tomatoes, 1/2 of jalapeno (thinly sliced) sour cream, picante sauce, & shredded mexican style cheese.

1 pkg of taco seasoning (I used spicy flavor cause I like heat)

*Season of choice *

Tortilla chips


In a skillet, cook your meatless crumbles (follow instructions on bag). While cooking, add your package of taco seasoning, along with a small amount of water. (Just enough for the taco season to marinate) Add additional seasoning of choice if you so desire. Once your crumbles have cooked, turn off. Start your layering. I placed my tortillas in a bowl, added my meatless meat on top & added all of the above ingredients to top. You make as you would your favorite tacos, etc. Enjoy!!





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