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My Favorite Vitamins!

Well, now that I’ve changed my diet and have become a vegetarian I get tons of questions. First of all, this is a choice that I’ve decided to make for myself and for the best option for my health. It works for me! Secondly, yes, I prepare separate meals for my family, but I ALWAYS choose the healthiest version for them when cooking meals. Thirdly, vitamins play a HUGE role in your bodies response for daily function. No matter what diet you incorporate, vitamins are a must! Also, the older you get, let’s just face it your body tends to react differently to certain things. All the more reason to make sure that you’re eating healthy, drinking lots of water, & taking a daily supplement.  I take roughly 6 supplements daily! Yes! And each play a vital role in my bodies function and my overall health. Once you get adjusted to taking vitamins daily, it’s second nature. Just like eating. I will also include links to each vitamin that I take. Now, I’m not a certified nutritionist/dietitian, but I do tons of research! I am a research QUEEN! Note: This is what works for ME, and by all means, if you have a certain health condition, etc., let’s make sure you run whatever by your doctor to make sure you’re allowed. Amen? Amen. Personally, my FAVORITE brand is “Garden of Life” & “Mega Foods”! Both are one in the same. You can purchase them at Whole Foods, Vitacost, and/or Amazon. I purchased mine from Amazon. Why this brand? ALL are  RAW, Whole Food vitamins made with actual vegetables/fruits. You can even go online and watch them make them. They contain no binders, fillers, GMO’s, gluten free, & non-synthetic. You always want to make sure you are getting the best version of a vitamin, and not 1/2 of what your body needs. And yes, sometimes that means investing in a more pricier version of a vitamin to ensure that you’re receiving the best results! Since that has been said, these are my everyday vitamins. All are once daily. For the win! Lastly, PLEASE make sure you take a daily probiotic! Your immune system will thank you. Be well! FYI.. I included the blood builder being that are you a non meat eater. You want to ensure that you’re still getting the proper amount of iron. I would also suggest this brand if you’re iron deficient! They’re amazing!!

Nordic Naturals Omega 3

MegaFood Blood Builder

MegaFood Women’s One Daily

Raw Probiotic

Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System

Garden Of Life Raw D3



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