Ok, I know I indicated that I was going to be blogging about some of my favorite items  every day of the week, but life happened! So hopefully I can make it up by sharing this greatness in a jar that I just discovered! One of my close friends suggested I try this product & boy am I glad that I did! By now, of course you all know I have very little hair, so I normally wash it everyday & slap a little conditioner on it, brush, & I’m good!  I’ve been using Osis for roughly 3 days now, & I must admit, I’m a bit obsessed. It’s perfect for holding/smoothing & it can be applied to wet or dry hair. Short or long. It smells amazing, it’s gummy, but very subtle, light, & doesn’t leave your hair hard or with a greasy residue! Ewww!! Who wants that? It only takes a little, & a little goes a long way. Osis is true to its word. It holds w/o all of the other unneeded fixtures. I wet my hair, smooth just a bit over it, & brush! How easy is that? Caring is sharing!😊 I purchased this on Amazon!!

Fyi…Stay tuned, I’ll be posting/sharing more of my favorite items really soon!😘



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