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Pink Himalayan Salt


Ok, I wanted to use this week to blog about some of my favorite items that are a “must  have”in  my household/daily use.  Today is Wednesday, so I missed yesterday. My intentions were to blog about my glass water bottle, which is a summer favorite, but since I missed yesterday, please refer to my blog entitled “why I drink from glass bottles”. So, moving on. I’ve had so very many people ask me what I season my foods with, and/or what type of salt I use, if any. Well my friends, today is the day you get your answer, & the reason behind my choice. As we know, sea salt is one of the healthiest/popular salts on the market, according to research. I agree. But upon doing further research, I ran upon this salt. The color instantly caught my attention. Hey, & it’s not often you run across pink salt!! Prior to this, I’d been performing my own little investigation of how to reduce my blood pressure, along with minimizing my sodium intake, & without having extreme impact on my body. Below are my choices.

I have 2 main “go to” sodium seasonings that are very low in sodium, and are pretty darn healthy. Here they are: (fyi.. Accent is also good with a low sodium content)

  1. Liquid Amino Acids

  2. Pink Himalayan Salt (as pictured)

I will stick to the benefits of  Himalayan salt, for the sake of this blog. Being that I’m a very petite person, people often ask me why I eat the way I do, or  why I choose the diet that I normally stick to. Let me break it down. Just because you are small, by no means mean that you’re healthy. You can be a petite individual, & have the same health issues as a larger individual. Luckily, I’m pretty healthy & I plan to keep it that way, so therefore, I choose to make wiser choices of what goes into my body. Since I was young, I always monitored what I ate. Now, I ate a lot, (don’t get me wrong) but I have high metabolism & the majority of the foods I ate or snacked on were primarily healthy. But as I became older, & with a family, I grew more cautious. My father/sister have high BP, & are currently taking medications to help reduce it. Me, on the other hand, never had any prior BP problems until maybe a year or so ago. It’s genetic, but I’m stubborn & refuse to be placed on medication unless it’s mandated by my PCP. Therefore, I keep a close watch on my BP & what I eat that can help reduce or increase it. So far, my choices have worked.

Now, I normally do everything possible to keep it at a minimum. For instance, I exercise, I try to eat tons of fruits/vegetables, decrease my sodium intake by the foods I eat. Himalayan salt is the purest form of sea salt. It’s high in essential minerals, high in iron, calcium, & is a natural source of sodium. Yet & still, don’t indulge, it’s still sodium. You can purchase this at any local market, whole foods, or fresh market. I actually purchased this at my local TJMaxx much cheaper! Anddddd it’s much bigger! For the win! I love a good buy! You can find it on the healthy/natural foods isle. So, whenever you cook, or whatever you cook, make it healthy, make it clean, & opt for healthier choices! Your body will thank you!



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