Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect summer staple drinks. They’re filling, refreshing, fruity, healthy, & delicious! Need I say more? I’ve been working on new smoothie recipe ideas, &  I came up with this combo! I love strawberries & I love coconut, so it was a win win situation for me! My hubby requested a smoothie as well, therefore today was the perfect time to experiment & to taste test! Hey….. I’m totally here for it! Smoothies are a household favorite over here. And once you get into the rhythm of making healthy choices, it becomes a natural habit! Your need for unhealthy foods/drinks becomes less desirable. You basically have to retrain your tastebuds! Focus on more fruits & veggies. It will literally change your life! I always encourage anyone that comes to me for advice on making a healthy switch, to start with smoothies! Gradually work your way to a healthier you! You can do it! Smoothies are wonderful morning starters, amazing throughout the day, & the ideal night caps! Drink to your hearts desires. Ok, now that I’ve given my smoothie 101, let’s talk about this beauty! Shall we?


1 cup of fresh (or frozen) strawberries

1 frozen banana (well ripened)

1 cup of unsweetened almond/coconut blend

1 tbsp of raw honey (optional for added sweetness)

whip cream

coconut flakes

crushed walnuts (or nuts of choice)


Toss all above ingredients in blender, (with the exception of whip cream/coconut flakes/walnuts) & blend until smooth. Once blended, pour into desired glass, & top with whip cream, coconut flakes, & crushed walnuts. Enjoy!!






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