Let’s Talk Bars..

Have you ever eaten a meal and still remained hungry? Or maybe you loaded up on carbs and junk foods instead? Been there. The struggle is definitely real. I’ve gone through tons of bars. I’ve researched tons of bars. I’ve eaten tons of bars. You name them, I’ve probably eaten them. Some tasteful, and some not so tasteful. They leave you with a gritty or “I can’t finish this face.” Well, don’t feel bad. There’s still hope! One thing I’ve learned is discipline. You ever heard the saying “everything that looks good to you, is not good for you?’ It’s true! Most bars whether they’re snack bars, health bars, or breakfast bars, are loaded with unhealthy ingredients, along with tons of sodium/sugars. Yet and still you remain hungry! I’m here to simply encourage you to try an alternative. Tell your brain and your taste buds that it’s not always about what you want. It’s about what your body needs and how you feel afterwards. Now, I’m going to share 3 of my favorite bars. The 4th bar is really good, however the sugar levels are not too great. We want to avoid those, so I wouldn’t recommend eating these too frequently. You always want to go with bars that has the fewest and best identifiable ingredients. My top choice is Lara! It’s tasteful and tolerable. They have pretty much 3 ingredients. Dates, peanuts, and sea salt. They’re also dairy free/soy free/gluten free. These are the kinds of bars that you want to gravitate towards.. Also, they will have you feeling fuller, energized, and better once consumed. Without the guilt! As always, happy snacking! Until next time.

  1. Lara Bars
  2. Kind Bars
  3. RX Bars
  4. Cliff Bars (less recommended), but not too bad.









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