Who doesn’t love a good taco? Well, this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending an event for one of my absolute FAVORITE authors. Priscilla Shirer! Yes!! Theeeee Priscilla Shirer! That experience within itself would be a whole other blog. But for now, I’ll just keep it straight taco talk! Once the event was over, there was a nice little taco stand that served the most AMAZING mini tacos. They were jam packed with flavor, made from scratch, and with very little ingredients. The thing about food is this… sometimes less is more. The key is choosing your ingredients wisely. Don’t be afraid to play around with flavors. You would be suprisingly amazed at how a simple fruit/vegetable/herb can enhance a dish. Of course, being the competitor/blogger that I am, I decided to remake the same dish. I said to myself, “self” you can totally make this!! And I did. I love a quick flavorful dish. It’s ok to slave in the kitchen from time to time, but let’s be real for a second. Everyone simply doesn’t have the time for it. Another thing, ain’t nobody got time for that! After a long day at work, kids, life, etc., sometimes you just want a quick and easy dish! That’s why I’m here! To share! I will also be starting back up some of my easy 15-30 minute dish series.

Side note: Be sure to check out a special featured item below!!! Compliments of my sister.


1 pkg of small soft tortilla shells ( regular or corn. your choice)

fresh cilantro

1-2 fresh limes

chopped onion

boneless chicken breast strips

2-3 Tbsps of butter



slap ya mama

garlic/himalayan salt/black pepper (McCormick)


In a small skillet, spray with Pam cooking spray, and/or olive oil/coconut spay. Slightly toast your tortillas on low heat for about 1 minute on each side. Remove. In the same skillet, place your butter in the skillet to melt & add your seasoned chicken strips. (The butter is really going to add juiceness/flavor.) Cook your strips on medium heat until browned. (slightly tossing in between) Done. While still in the skillet, take a fork/knife & begin to chop your your chicken. Take your tortilla shells & stuff with chicken, add your cilantro, chopped onions, & sprinkle some fresh lime juice over the top. Now, I’ve saved the best for last!! You’re going to take some hot sauce & drizzle on top for a kick of heat! If you’re feeling fancy, the more the better! Depends on your level of tolerance. LOL.

Special Featured Sauce

My sister made this homemade Roasted Lemon Hot Sauce!! This sauce would be absolutely incredible as a topper & alternative hot sauce. It is jammed packed with HEAT/FLAVOR.  I will be sharing a separate blog soon on this featured item!! So stay tuned!!

Roasted Lemon Hot Sauce



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