15 Minute Meals Wraps

Low-Carb Romaine Lettuce Wrap

Wraps have literally become a staple item in my home. They are delicious, nutritious, filling, simple, easy, & they don’t break the bank. The perfect summer food & the best meal prep idea. Also, if you have kids, this would be the “ideal” recipe to get a quick nutritious meal in. My daughter had this for a late afternoon meal & she loved it! Yes, the picker eater! It’s also a clever way to ease those greens in & to make it fun! You’re basically doing away with the bread, & substituting it with a hardier healthier alternative! And it’s a veggie!! With these wraps you can use any lettuce of choice. I love Romaine, & it’s what I had on hand, so I went with it! These lettuce wraps are so tasty, but yet satisfying. Lettuce wraps are pretty much like a salad rolled up to go! Now, for this recipe you can totally make it your own & use whatever protein of choice. I used turkey, & if you’re a vegetarian/vegan you can use quinoa, beans, avocado, hummus, etc. The stuffing can be endless, but the taste will still be GRAND!! Ok, now let’s get into the good part.


1 leaf of a Romaine

2 slices of deli turkey (or the healthiest one you can find)

1/2 tbsp of vegan mayo

2 slices of tomato


Remove a lettuce leaf from your head of lettuce and press down the center of it to crack the “ribs” so that it’s flat & rolls easy. Wash & pat dry with paper towel. Layer it with the rest of your ingredients. Roll it up & enjoy!
















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