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Potato Chips

I think we can all attest to the fact that we can over indulge in potato chips! I’m totally guilty! But I have great news!!! Here’s a recipe that is as simple as it can get, & the best part of it is…. (wait for it) you can enjoy these completely GUILT FREE!!! These potato chips are the perfect snack, & it will kill the urge for some bagged processed potato chips. One of the best parts of making healthy dishes from scratch, is knowing exactly what ingredients are included! Pure potatoes. I made about 3 batches of these when I 1st prepared them, because they seemed to have left as quickly as I cooked them! They’re super filling & only calls for 4 ingredients! Yes, 4!!! You read right! Now, how easy is that? And not only are they easy, these chips are super delicious! Here’s what you do..


3 large russet potatoes (if you acquire more, simply use more potatoes)

Olive oil

Black pepper

Pink Himalayan Salt


After you’ve washed your potatoes, thinly slice round pieces. Tip: (if you want a thicker version, slice according to your desire) Next, season your potato slices with salt/pepper or season of choice. Now, take a black cast iron skillet or skillet of choice, drizzle with olive oil, place your potato slices in, & fry on medium/high heat until browned/crisp.(flipping in between) Remove from heat.  Enjoy!!




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