Simple Sweet Pepper Salad

Salads are one of my absolute favorite dishes! I NEVER, & I mean NEVER get tired of eating salads. Why? 2 words. NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS!! Let me count the various ways you can create a salad! Endless! You can load them or you can keep them simple. And sometimes SIMPLE, is just plain ol’ better! I’ve eaten a salad with nearly 3 ingredients, & it was just as grand! Salads are pretty much incorporated on every menu, & with good reason! Greenery is just best. You have your fiber, protein, vitamins, nutrients, & minerals ALL within reach! Greens!!

Eatings salads are a major plus & a healthy additive! I mean, who doesn’t want that? Not only that, salads can be enjoyed alone or along side a dish! For the win! I literally threw this salad together because my husband & I both wanted a salad so badly. We both had long days & we wanted something quick, healthy, & satisfying! I love days like that! As stated above, sometimes a salad with the least ingredients can come out with the ABSOLUTE best results! Pure & simple! And this sweet pepper salad did just that! Here’s what I did.


1/2 bunch of red & green leaf lettuce (depending on the size of yourself/family, use more or less)

2 small vine ripe tomatoes (chopped)

5 of the mini multi-colored sweet peppers (sliced)

1/2 of a small yellow onion (thinly diced)


accent (small amount) optional

a pinch of black pepper & pink himalayan salt (optional)


Italian dressing or dressing of choice

Wash produce & combine all above ingredients in a large salad bowl, toss together, & enjoy!








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