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My Daily Vitamins! (updated)

For those of you who aren’t aware, I’ve recently started back incorporating clean meat into my diet. (still low doses) I.e., fish, turkey, chicken (white, lean, farm raised, organic, & occasionally red) So I often get asked now if I still take my vitamins? The answer to that question is, “YES!” Being that I’m receiving more iron within my meats, only 1 of my daily vitamin regimens has slightly changed. I no longer take my iron, which was the “Mega Food” blood builder. They were amazing! If you’re vegetarian, I highly recommend those. They are whole food vitamins, which is VERY important. If you care to know a bit more detail about the “Garden of Life”/Mega Food” vitamins that I currently take, & why I chose them, just check out the blog that I previously posted (entitled “my favorite vitamins”).

Taking your daily supplements are very important! VERY! Regardless to what or how you  may eat. Vitamins are vital for your body’s overall functions. They help support & keep you going. I currently take 4 vitamins on a norm. Which ones do I take? Glad you asked! Here are my top 4 choices of vitamins that I recommend. These are my personal choice, but as always, take what works best for you! Disclaimer: If you’re currently under the care of a physician, check with them as well. I’m not a nutritionist , but I do tons of research, I eat healthy, & I know what works best for me. So do what works best for you! Amen? Amen.

Below are my 4 “must have” supplements & how they help support your body.

  1. Multivitamin– Multivitamins provide healthy digestive function, energy, vitamins, minerals, & enzymes that your body needs.
  2. Omega-3– Great source for your fatty acid from fish oils, that help support brain function. (make sure you select a good quality fish oil)
  3. Probiotic– Supports your immune system, helps your digestive system, clears acne, great for your gut, & so much more!
  4. Vitamin D3– Great for regulation of calcium, maintenance of healthy bones, teeth, & is suggested to supply a protective effect against diseases such as cancer.

Note: I also take a daily digestive enzyme. They are great for digestion, gas, bloating, & maintaining a healthy gut. Just pop a couple before your big meals! They help to break down your foods.

Stay healthy!



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