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Bragg Liquid Aminos

I’d like to use this blog to share one of my FAVORITE kitchen staple items, which is Liquid Amino Acids by Bragg.  From time to time, I like to blog & share my favorite things! One of my most frequently common asked questions is “Sondra, what type of marinate/seasonings do you use in your dishes?” Well, I’m happy to share it! For those of you who are watching your sodium intake, and/or just looking for a great alternative to Soy sauce, (or just flavor) here it is! Liquid Aminos are full of flavor & you really don’t require any other seasoning with this. It’s super delicious & a much healthier alternative for sodium. It’s half the amount & all natural. You can use this in pretty much any dish. I use it for meats, poultry, & it will really amp up the flavor in your veggies! Oh yeah! Especially stir fry! You only need to use a small amount. A little with take you a long way. Trust me! As stated before, if you’re trying to watch your sodium intake, this is a great option.

You can purchase Liquid Aminos from Whole Foods, Sprouts, Fresh Market, Amazon, or your local grocery on the healthy section isle. I actually purchased mine from Amazon at a really good price, & a nice quantity size. Remember, a little will take you a long way! Just drizzle over your favorite dish. Enjoy! Thank me later!

If you want to purchase from Amazon, just click the link above!



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