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Dehydrated Foods

Such a perfect day for this blog inspired by my very own Mother. Mother’s Day!! My Mother, as stated in previous posts has her own garden. Yes! For the win! Need I tell you that I pretty much get whatever is available from her. It makes such a HUGE difference when using fresh fruits, veggies, & herbs! It’s on a whole new level of taste & flavor. Not to mention, the favorable health benefits! My Mother has the patience  of an angel. She will allow a certain food to do whatever it needs, in order for it to reach it’s maximum potential. Patience! Patience to watch the seeds grow, to plant, to love, & to nurture! Why? Because she knows that the smallest thing, could affect the outcome! Therefore, she takes her time. It’s a process & you can’t rush nature! You simply allow it to run its course.

Now, back to the topic at hand! These dehydrated red/green peppers! You may be asking yourself, “what are dehydrated peppers?” or “what are the benefits of dehydrated foods?” or “what does dehydrated mean?” Well, today is your lucky day & I’m here to tell you! Dehydrated foods are basically foods that can be preserved for indefinite periods of time by extracting the moisture, therefore inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Yikes!!! Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. You’re simply removing the water or moisture from a food product. Dehydration doesn’t require refrigeration as well. Here are some top benefits of food dehydrating, & why it’s a great process to add to your life!

  1. Nutritious and healthy for you (it retains the original vitamins, minerals, & natural enzymes)
  2. No preservatives of chemicals
  3. Saves you money
  4. Easy to store/preserve
  5. Makes wonderful homemade snacks
  6. Portable
  7. Perfect for plant- based diets
  8. Prepares you for emergencies
  9. Reduces waste
  10. When foods aren’t available year around, dehydrate them, & you can enjoy at any time!



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