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So this happened yesterday.. I went by my Mom’s to visit & she has her own garden in the backyard. Needless to say, this blog is inspired by Mother & her green thumb! My mother is notorious for her garden, her research, her diligence, her wisdom, & her love for fresh foods that are NATURAL & grown straight from the ground! As they should! Guess that’s where I get it from huh??  My mother loves foods that taste fresh & without any additives. She strongly believes that foods can heal you, & what you place into your body can literally make or break you! As we stepped into her backyard, she allowed me to pick & sniff all of these fresh herbs! And let me tell ya, there’s NOTHING compared to the scent of fresh herbs! Gosh! It smells absolutely AMAZING!! The taste brings about this robust flavor to your dishes/foods. This pic displays fresh basil, rosemary, thyme, green chives, & peppermint! Herbs are natural healers! Not to mention placing them in your dishes, soups, teas, etc. I love placing fresh peppermint leaves in my teas! Each of the above herbs will have a designated spot in my upcoming dishes, so stay tuned! Now, let me provide you with a brief rundown of some of the amazing qualities each of these herbs has to offer! Shall we?

Peppermint– 1. Peppermint is great for digestion 2. Peppermint also soothes stomach indigestion/inflammation 3. If you’re feeling sick, and/or your stomach feels sick, drinking a cup of mint tea can give your relief! Basil- 1. Acts as an anti-flammatory 2. Basil contains antibacterial properties 3. Basil can be used to reduce stress 4. Basil can be an immune booster! Rosemary- 1. Rosemary contains antibacterial & antioxidant rosmarinic acid 2. Rosemary contains several different essential oils 3. Rosemary has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, & antiseptic properties! Thyme- 1. Thyme can be taken by mouth for bronchitis, sore throat, arthritis, whooping cough, & an upset stomach 2. Thyme is a natural diuretic 3. Thyme is an appetite stimulant 4. Thyme has more A & vitamin C! Green Chives- 1. Green chives contains nutrients for a healthy diet, such as potassium, iron, & calcium 2. Green chives are a rich source of vitamin C & contains vitamin A  3. Chives may alleviate a stuffy nose & colds.

So, go out & get you some fresh herbs! Your body & your food will thank you!





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