"Fruit of the day challenge"

Fruit Of The Day Challenge-Day 2

Today is day 2 of my “fruit of the day challenge”! If you’re not sure what this challenge is all about, just click on yesterday’s blog, and/or search “fruit of the day challenge” day 1 to catch you up to speed. It’s NEVER too late to start in on this challenge, & it’s NEVER too late to start a healthy lifestyle! As pictured, my fruit choices of the day is this nice banana, along with this cutie of a cutie! So yummy! Starting your day with some fresh fruit is ALWAYS an excellent choice! Why? Because it replenishes your body with energy and nutrients after a long night’s sleep. But there’s never a time of day where fruit doesn’t benefit you! Now, here’s a brief rundown of some of the benefits of my fruit choices. Bananas: 1. bananas have a wealth of nutrients 2. bananas contain vitamin C  3. bananas contain calcium/potassium. Cuties: 1. Cuties are seedless & contain no fat or cholesterol! Yes!! For the win! 2. Cuties contain antioxidants/minerals 3. Cuties are a great source of dietary fiber! All the more reason to enjoy & consume your daily dose of fruit! So, get your fruit on!




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