Classic Spring Mix Salad


Who doesn’t enjoy a great salad, along with all of the wonderful enhancements that can be added? But sometimes you want to just keep it simple! One thing I absolutely keep in my home at ALL times, are ingredients for a basic salad. Salads are versatile & can accommodate pretty much every dish. It can hold its own, or stand as a side kick! In this particular salad, I wanted something quick & easy! This spring salad pretty much does its own thing. Also, salads are wonderful in taste & have AMAZING health benefits! Double win! The awesome thing about salads are that they are made to cater to everyone’s individual needs. If you don’t desire or care for all of the below salad ingredients, feel free to experiment! After all, it’s your salad! One additional salad quick tip: If you see that you have some fresh veggies and/or fruit that are leaning towards expiration, throw them in a salad or freeze them for smoothies! Now, lets dig in!


Spring salad mix

1 large tomatoe

1 cucumber

1 whole fresh carrot (I shredded my own)

finely diced onions

1/2 of a green bell pepper (chopped)

Italian dressing


small dash of Accent optional

fresh coarse black pepper (to taste) optional

pink Himalayan (to taste) optional


Wash spring mix thoroughly, dry, & toss in salad bowl of choice. Throw in above ingredients, serve, & enjoy!



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