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Overloaded Jerked Veggie Chicken🍗


Today is a short & sweet kind of blog. Personally I can never get enough veggies, & if you have family members that tend to lack in the veggie area, this may be the perfect meal for you. It’s also quite simple. This dish is quite flavorful, healthy, & colorful. Triple win! Once cooked, your chicken will literally fall apart with tenderness! So, let’s go!!


Chicken quarters (I used roughly 8 in this dish)


Carrots (chopped)


Bell Peppers

use veggies at your own discretion




Liquid Amino Acids


Garlic powder

Directions: Wash/prep chicken, place into casserole and/or baking dish, drizzle amino acids evenly onto meat for base, add all above seasonings to your chicken (or seasonings of choice) & lastly, toss all of your chopped veggies on top. Cover with foil & allow to bake for 1 1/2-2 hrs on 375 degrees.

Tip: Before tossing in the oven, I also sprinkle just a bit more of seasoning over my covered veggies & meat




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