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Spicy Sweet & Seasoned Wings


Who doesn’t love a great wing? I mean come on, wings are so versatile & they can be enjoyed at practically any occasion. Wings are fairly quick & easy, so that’s a win win for me, especially when you have a family. I decided to go with 2 types of wings this go round, because my hubby & I try to stay away from spicier foods nowadays. But that doesn’t mean we still decline to indulge at times!  My children enjoyed them so much, I had to prepare them 2 days straight. Also, when I’m frying wings, I never batter my wings. I like to use the healthiest version of oil as well. It makes a huge difference. When I do use flour, I opt for coconut flour/white whole wheat flour. It gives your food a better taste & not to mention a lighter/crisper outcome. (that will be a separate blog) Now, on to the wings!!!


party wings

cajun season

lemon pepper

Louisiana hot sauce

1/2 stick of butter

honey barbecue sauce (any brand will do)

Coconut or Canola (oil of choice will do)

tip~for a more enhanced flavor, prepare your wings the day before, bag them & refrigerate


Preheat your skillet of choice (I used a cast iron) to ensure that your oil is heated but not burning. Drop your seasoned wings into the oil & cook until browned/crisp. I chose to align my bowl with aluminum when I removed the wings from the skillet. This will allow any excess oil to drain on it, & it separates the wings really good when preparing more than 1 flavor. It also allows me to stick them back into the oven to soak in the extra wetness.

*Once your wings are done cooking, in a separate skillet turned down very low, melt your butter, & add your hot/barbecue sauce. Give it a few whisks & gradually add your wings to ensure that all of them are covered. Continue to process until done. With the seasoned wings, no need to add to skillet. They’re done! Noooowwwwww, once your wings have all been tossed in your sauce, throw them on your aluminum & stick in a preheated oven of 350 degrees to allow them to bake just enough to soak in a bit of the wetness. Remove from oven. That’s it! Enjoy!!



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