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Loaded Baked Chicken

I absolutely love baking! If I don’t bake my meats, I grill. Super healthy & you can play around with as many veggies as you please! I’m such a sucker for great veggies, & I love seeing the beautiful vibrant colors in my meals. It just enhances the look of your dish, & not to mention the amazing taste that each has to offer! I always cover my baked dishes with aluminum, to ensure that the flavors from the veggies/seasonings just soak into my meat! DELISH!! And who doesn’t love a quick meal prep? I’ve been a bit under the weather & this dish was super easy, super healthy, clean, quick, & yummy! For the win!! So, here’s what I did..

Preparation- 15 minutes

Ingredients in this dish:

chicken wings (1 pkg)

fresh frozen spinach (add to your desire)

1 fresh sliced lemon

1 large tomatoe

1 onion

Seasoning: (all to taste)


minced onion

lemon pepper


Wash your chicken, season, & throw in desired baking dish. Once you’ve placed in dish, toss in all above veggies on top. I also squeezed a bit of the lemon over my chicken, before I sliced it. It just gives it a bit more of a citrus taste. Preheat oven to 375 degrees & bake for about an hour 1/2.




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