Orange Kale Salad

By now, you should know I love a good salad. Especially if kale is involved. My husband actually inspired this particular salad dish. We had a late dinner last night, so I threw together a Kale salad since we’d just picked up some fresh vegetables. We bought some oranges as well, and hubby asked if he could throw some in. I said sure!! Why not? Man was I glad we did!!  It gave this salad an extra boost! It’s a combination of sweet and sour, along with deliciousness!!

With this dish, I basically combined Kale, chopped turkey, Roma tomatoes, and 1 chopped orange. 😋 The zesty lemon salad dressing is homemade. You can find the recipe for it on my blog entitled ” Simple Kale Salad”! Toss all ingredients together and you’re done! Simple, healthy, filling, and DELISH!! Thank me later!!




2 comments on “Orange Kale Salad

  1. koolaidmoms

    I need to try kale again. I always find it so bitter that I can’t eat it. Maybe this will work!


    • Yes! I wasn’t a big fan until recently. Now I’m hooked! Lol. Kale is tougher & bitter. The lemon tones it down a bit and the sweetness of the fruit just adds to it. Really good combination. I think you will love it!! And thank you!

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