I Changed My Diet. Why?

For those of you who know me personally, knows that I am a bit of a health freak! Well, kinda sorta. For those who are new to my blog, you have great timing! Let me explain why… Your body is your temple. Present your bodies, holy and acceptable unto God. Romans 12:1 .Not only spiritually she would treat our bodies in a certain manner, but naturally as well.

In a natural sense, your body can’t function properly if you eat any kind of way. Eventually, you’re going to crash! You can’t load yourself with sugars, carbs, fats, caffeine, & all of these  other processed foods and expect to get great results. Nah! It ain’t going to happen. Instead, you want to eat foods that are great for body. Is it always easy? Nope! Its’ a complete mind transformation. You basically have to tell your brain that YOU control it and YOU can do it!

Now, last year I decided to challenge my body. No sugars,no meats, & no caffeine. Boy, was that a doozy!! I couldn’t begin to imagine what it felt like not to have a cup of coffee or a soda! Eating healthy was not new to me. I absolutely love fruits/vegetables, but I only ate them at will. I  had to learn how to substitute meat cravings (opt out for potatoes, brown rice, or veggie burgers). Researching Youtube became my daily regimen. Sugars- I opted for healthier versions (Stevia/Coconut sugar or honey) Lastly, caffeine! Lordy!! I then began to drink just water (I prefer Alkaline- so many many health benefits) When I felt I needed flavor, I incorporated fresh lemon or fruit in my water. I also blend healthy smoothies or I juice. Slowly it began to get better & my body began to respond. I noticed a change in my energy. I wasn’t drained everyday, nor did I feel sluggish! My digestion began to improve tremendously. I had been on prescription meds for acid reflux for years, & it began to disappear. My thinking became sharper, My skin became clearer, & my body felt AMAZING! Wow!

I’ve never been a big person (I’m actually petite) but keep in mind, I wasn’t doing this for weight loss, I did this  to challenge myself of eating healthier & I wanted to see how much of a difference I would feel. Boy was there a difference! I also wanted to set healthy examples for my family. Over the last month, limited meat has been incorporated back into my diet (mainly Turkey/Fish/Chicken) This challenge became my lifestyle. To put it in a nutshell, I asked myself how could I be of service to anyone if I felt badly all of the time, along with  having 0 amounts of energy? Not to mention, living a longer life. Who wouldn’t want that? The same rules apply spiritually. How can I be of service to God if I can’t function? So, I made the decision to eat healthier,  make better choices,  feel better, & add years to my life, (as well as looking younger) Bonus!  It’s totally up to you. I believe in you, so why not you believe in you?

Moving forward, take care of your temple! You only have one! Eat well, feel well! Thank me later!!



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