Why I Shaved My Hair!✂️

This is going to be a good one! So grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever your favorite drink is, sit back , read, & enjoy!

My hair & I have always had this love/hate relationship. I loved to have this long, gorgeous mane, but at the same time, I would be completely bored & frustrated! I think I was more so worried about what hair represented for a woman. It all goes back to the Biblical days.. A woman’s hair is her glory. Now, I wouldn’t dare dispute the Bible, but I’ve always been my own individual.  Since the beginning of time, women have been defined by so many things. From their body, skin, weight, hair, etc. Me, on the other hand, thought out of the box. I am not my hair! Growing up I had all of this long hair, my sister has long hair, my mother has long hair, & long mane basically runs in my family. I was always drawn to shorter hair. Why? For me, it took so much more courage & confidence for a woman to have short hair. Women are always drawing attention from their outer appearance, but not being seen for who we really are.

For years, I’ve flip flopped from long to short hair, but short hair just spoke to me & represented me as an individual. I’m different, I’m confident, I’m strong, I’m smart, & I don’t need hair defining me as a woman, nor as my character. It’s just hair! Hair is made to grow, & hair is made to cut off. For me, it was a statement! See Sondra, & I couldn’t be more happier!  Now, the other luxury was convenience. How many of you out there reading this blog, actually dreads those hair salon appointments? Well, I did! I would hate sitting under the hair dryer for hours, just for my hair to last maybe a few days. So #1 Time!  #2 Money! I save close to $50 just by going to the barber now! #3 Convenience! No longer do I have to worry about combing, flat ironing, rolling, styling, or pinning my hair! Whew!! Those days are long gone. I can just get up & go. I’m free, I’m content, I’m confident, but most of all, I love it & I’m happy! I’m me!! And I love the skin I’m in.

So, if you get nothing else out of this blog, hear this! Be you, be happy, be inspired, be motivated, be confident, be strong, be free, be kind, be loving, & never ever let anything or anyone stop you from being who God has made you to be. It’s not about your hair, it’s about life, & how you choose to live! Am I telling  all of you to go out & shave your heads?? No. Not at all! I’m simply advising you to let your inner beauty reflect. If it means having long hair, have it. If it means having short hair, cut it! Be you!  (Group Hug)



5 comments on “Why I Shaved My Hair!✂️

  1. Hi Sondra,

    I enjoyed reading your post. It was so inspiring! I’m waiting on the next post!

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  2. Awesome!!!

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